About The Lazy Giraffe

Behind The Lazy Giraffe you'll find the creative force of Natacha Devaud, a swiss-born graphic and fashion designer with an appetite for colors and quirkiness. Natacha has been working as a technical director in visual effects for movies such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, ... (full filmography here) for the past 20 years at Industrial Light and Magic/Disney, in San Francisco, while supplementing her craving for creativity through painting, surface and textile design, and various adventures in children fashion.

Travels in remote areas of the globe have brought her a curiosity for rich color combinations and patterns, and sometime unusual subjects. Her style is fluid, colorful and whimsical, and appeals as much to children as to spirited adults.

She currently lives near San Francisco with her Canadian husband, their two children, and a few quirky furry creatures.

Why the Giraffe? For this noble, gracious and sophisticated animal who, from its height, must have a very interesting view of the world, and in colors, as giraffes can perceive them quite well. Lazy? Don't be fooled, behind her debonnaire attitude, she can be quite an industrious creature.